🔎 Let’s get candid about burnout :)

Hey Reader,

This week we’re getting real about some stuff! 😅

To be honest, I’ve struggled with burnout recently.

So, rather than cramming my weekly reviews in, getting stressed and doing you guys a disservice, I thought I’d speak candidly to camera instead.

I think it’s incredibly important that creators like you and I talk about this stuff, Reader. Particularly because the idea of putting consistency and “grind” ahead of wellbeing seems pretty common in this space.

So enjoy this little spiel from me, and let me know how you’re doing this week ❤️👇

My Best Advice…

In lieu of my usual reviews, here’s a compilation of my most successful threads on retention, storytelling and scriptwriting.

These tweets have had 170,000+ impressions overall, so I hope you like them Reader!

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April 6th 2023

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One other thing before I go this week…

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I endlessly appreciate your patience, and wish you a wonderful Easter with family, friends, or just chilling by yourself.

Speak soon 👋

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