🔎RR#20 – He faked his wife’s death. But why?

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Appreciate everyone who filled out the survey last week! Always keen to improve my newsletter, so I’m making some changes going forward:

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Scriptwriting tip

Most creators start out just trying to get their content out on time, and that’s ok.

But if you wanna up your game and start engaging your audience more, I truly believe 99% of creators should script word-for-word.

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April 25th 2023

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Video #1

Title: People Who Faked Their Death (And Got Caught)
Creator: Skylerbuns
Average % viewed: 59.9%

In this review:
An effective technique to use in your hook which not many people try.
(Plus, how I re-wrote this video’s hook to make it flow better.)

Video #2

Title: A Productive Day in the life of a Freelance Software Engineer in Barcelona
Creator: Lamine Mbacke
Average % viewed: 33.0%

In this review:
A totally different format which could be a fun challenge for you to try in your next video
(Plus, how this video could have pulled it off better.)

Video #3

Title: The SNEAKY body butter trick big companies use 🤫
Creator: Humblebee & Me
Average % viewed: 28.3%

In this review:
The essential thing you’re probably not thinking about when recording content that massively impacts what your audience thinks of you.

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