🔎 Answering your 25 scriptwriting questions (Q&A)

Hey Reader,

I received some fab questions in response to my last email, and today I’m gonna answer them! 🗣

Topics include:

  • A tonne of scriptwriting advice.
  • Setting your rates as a freelancer
  • How to get into the YouTube industry.

…and much more!

Check it out below 👇

Scriptwriting Q&A (Answered!)

Upload Alert!

In my Q&A, I spoke a bit about using metaphor to make a potentially dry topic more interesting, and to actively re-engage the viewer’s brain (as they try to work out the relevance of the metaphor).

To see this in action, feel free to check out this recent Creator Booth video I wrote.

It’s about how YouTubers can increase their revenue with better marketing, but it features a surprising reference to the X-Men 🤨

That’s all for now!

As you read this, I’m in Corfu, so replies may be slower this week!

(Still missing you dearly, of course.)

Speak soon,

George 👋

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