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Yesterday, I visited my old pals at Ali Abdaal’s place for a chat about scriptwriting.

It was thoroughly lovely from a social perspective!

But it also prompted a huge realisation…

Scriptwriting tip of the week

I started thinking about how differently I write scripts now…

…compared to when I first worked for Ali (nearly 2 years ago).

The main thing that’s changed?


Through becoming freelance and working for numerous new creators…

…to writing this newsletter and being forced to think analytically about niches I’m not always familiar with every single week…

It’s accelerated my understanding of writing YouTube videos at a much faster rate than if I was simply reading and re-reading my own scripts for weeks on end…

Do you find yourself thinking analytically about the videos you watch? Hit reply and let me know! ✍️

Alrighty, let’s get into the retention reviews…

Video #1

Title: 10 Expert Boxing Tips: Beating Taller Opponents
Creator: Tony Jeffries
Average % viewed: 39.4%

In this review:
The simple tweak that’ll 2-3x how engaged your audience is.

Video #2

Title: The SECRET Behind BLOWING UP Your Streaming Career!
Creator: Content Delta
Average % viewed: 32.2%

In this review:
The problem with giving out too much good advice in one video.

Video #3

Title: I Finally Tried the LEGO Keyboard… (And You Should Too)
Creator: Hipyo Tech
Average % viewed: 43.2%

In this review:
The trick most successful YouTubers use to deepen their relationship with you.

That’s all for now!

Speak soon,

George 👋

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