🔎RR#25 – Make your videos longer (organically)

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Now, before we get onto the reviews…

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Alrighty, let’s get into this week’s reviews!‚Äč

Video #1

Title: You Were Gaslit Into Liking Milk
Creator: Skylerbuns‚Äč
Average % viewed: 40.8%

In this review:
Aubrey Plaza in a weird milk ad.
‚Äč(That’s right, I don’t have any takeaways as interesting as that fact by itself.)

Video #2

Title: Squeezing an operating room inside an Altoids tin
Creator: David Hindin, M.D‚Äč
Average % viewed: 35.2%

In this review:
How to make your videos longer (organically).

Video #3

Title: My Triplet Fills Sucked Till I Did This
Creator: Dave Major‚Äč
Average % viewed: 27.4%

In this review:
The tricky decision every tutorial-based YouTuber has to make.

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