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Scriptwriting tip of the week

Here’s a big realisation I’ve had recently…

Truly, so many folks I work with have all the pieces of the puzzle.

They just need to rearrange them a little.

And, 90% of the time…

It’s the payoff that needs to move.

If it’s too early, the viewer has nothing else to look forward to.

Too late, and people get bored.

Like everything, it’s a balancing act!

Let me know if you have any questions about this… ✍️

Before we get into the reviews, a big thanks to this week’s sponsor for helping keep this newsletter free 🙂

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(FYI, they’ve also got an iOS app coming out, in case you brainstorm on the train, like I do 😅)

Let’s get into this week’s reviews…

Video #1

Title: Pro Mixers Reveal WHY Mixes Sound Amateur
Creator: Plugin Alley
Average % viewed: 51.1%

In this review:
The common editing mistake that’s confusing your audience.

Video #2

Title: Poor Girl Becomes a Princess Overnight!
Creator: The Skorys
Average % viewed: 46.1%

In this review:
The hidden problem that may not affect retention but will affect returning viewers.

Video #3

Title: I threw my ONE X2 from a moving car
Creator: Eat Sleep 360
Average % viewed: 49.3%

In this review:
What to do when your big payoff happens halfway through.

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