🔎RR#27 – Are your videos… boring?

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One of my most actionable scriptwriting frameworks has been doing the rounds again this week on Twitter.

Whenever I apply it to a script, it tends to 4x a particular metric that we’ll discuss later.

We’ll talk about it later, but first, let’s get straight into the script reviews! 💪

Video #1

Title: AI Copyright Law in June 2023: What it Means For AI Artists
Creator: Samson Vowles
Average % viewed: 42%

In this review:
The important difference between “momentum” and “pacing”.

Video #2

Title: China Built 20,000 Houses In 3 Days In Africa | Megaproject
Creator: Megaprojects
Average % viewed: 27.9%

In this review:
The critical mistake that will always make people click away.

Video #3

Title: 4 Super Easy Ways To TRANSFORM Your After Effects Projects
Creator: Motion by Scott
Average % viewed: 34.7%

In this review:
The smart setup that gives viewers a strong reason to watch.

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I spend hours coming up with titles for the videos I write. But, let’s be honest…

It’s really hard to figure out which ones are gonna get the most clicks.

But, with TubeSplit, you can generate 250 title ideas in minutes AND set up 50 A/B tests in a single click.

So, rather than agonising over swapping those two verbs that may (or may not) make any difference…

Let TubeSplit generate and test new titles for you.

(FYI, they’ve also got an iOS app coming out, in case you brainstorm on the train, like I do 😅)

Scriptwriting tip of the week

There are no YouTube “hacks”.

But this is the closest thing I’ve ever found to one 👇

Check out that tweet for a reminder of my 3-step CTA formula.

Every time I use it, the endscreen CTR goes 3-4x the channel average.

An awesome creator sent me a screenshot from their video which got a 19% CTR vs their average of 4.3% when they adapted the formula for their channel, so it’s worth using!

If you try it out, I’d love you to send me the results 💪

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