🔎 Mr Beast is wrecking my business

Hey Reader,

Sooo this happened last week…

And, as a result, this week’s newsletter is gonna be a little different.

The thing is, you’d have thought a follow from the Beastie Boy would have been the coolest moment of my career.

(Which it was lol).

Buuuut it also prompted an absolutely classic existential crisis.

*pause for celebratory scream into the void* (join in!)

Since the moment wee Jimmy’s face popped up in my notifications, I’ve been in a weird business limbo.

But that’s where you come in.

Because you can help me escape it by answering a single “YES/NO” question.

First, though, I wanna take 30 seconds to reflect on how we got here…

One Year Ago…

I had 200 followers.

I was venturing into the freelance YouTube world with 0 clients.

I had no idea whether this was gonna be a sustainable career…

Or whether everyone who “warned me” about leaving my normal, boring, soul-destroying, life-shortening job might be right.

Maybe this was too risky.

But last week (almost exactly 52 weeks later) was truly a remarkable one.

One of those rare weeks where, with hindsight, you notice everything went right.

The first video I worked on with a new client did this…

…and my girlfriend Julia and I watched that video on our TV together.

One thing I’ve learned…

Treat the release of your latest video like a frickin movie premiere.

You worked hard on it and you deserve to feel flippin great when it comes out!!

Even more excitingly, I got to meet a bunch of awesome YouTubers IRL at a Creator Now event👇

A few people even knew me from Twitter!

Ricardo (on the left) actually received my newsletter while we were talking! 😂

AND, since I originally wrote this email, we crossed 1000 newsletter subscribers! 🥳

All this to say…

I could not have imagined being in this position a year ago when I went freelance.

Let alone two years ago when I quit my “real job” to work for Ali.

In a future newsletter, I’d love to talk more about how I got to this position with 0 experience and 0 contacts.

But… now comes the question:

Who… Am I?

The surprise appearance of Mr Beast contributed to an already unsustainable amount of inbound requests for my scriptwriting services.

Trust me, I recognise that it’s an incredible problem to have!

But I’ve realised I need to spend some time thinking about exactly WHO I want to serve with my content and WHERE I’m going with all this.

And that means…

I need to figure out which way to take this newsletter.

Transparently, sometimes I ain’t so excited about reviewing YouTube videos.

Some weeks I wanna write an email like this, or talk about specific scriptwriting tips that I’ve learned working on 1/10 videos for cool channels.

So, I want to know:

Do you open this newsletter just to check out the retention graphs?

Or is it for something else?

You can let me know here.

It’s just one box – a Yes or No answer. It should take 3 seconds.

There’s the option for leaving a suggestion too, but all I really need is your vote on that first question.

You’d be helping me out more than I can say!

Plus, if you answer the form, I promise I’ll get you a shoutout from my new best friend**

**this promise is not guaranteed, nor is it likely.

As always, a huge thanks for reading!

I’m very lucky that this is my job. And it’s down to you that I get to do it 🥰

That’s why I wanna help you live out your YouTube ambitions with whatever nuggets of wisdom I can pack into these emails.

Speak soon,

George 👋

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