🔎 How we got hired by Ali Abdaal

Hey Reader,

I’ve been a bit of a silly boy.

As if launching both a course and an agency simultaneously wasn’t enough stress for one man’s brain…

🎙️ I’m also launching a podcast!

While working for Ali Abdaal, I met Gwilym Sims-Williams (left) and Jamie Whiffen (centre).

Gwilym was another writer; Jamie was Ali’s producer.

In fact, between us… we realised that we work as:

  • YouTube producers.
  • Writers.
  • Thumbnail designers.
  • Strategists.
  • Consultants.

(Basically everything except editors 😂)

That’s why we decided to launch “Making It” 🚀

While there are some incredible podcasts devoted to interviewing creators, and even to interviewing people like us who work for creators…

We wanted to have conversations exclusively between folks like us working behind the camera.

In the 10+ episodes we already recorded, we’ve talked about:

  • What “working for a YouTuber” actually looks like.
  • How to get hired in the first place.
  • How we’re growing our own creator businesses from scratch.
  • “Insider” strategies on ideation, writing, packaging, and more.
  • The realities of trying to balance work and life in an industry that’s ripe with opportunity and seemingly has no limits.

Episode 1 is out now!

In this episode, we reveal how we got hired by Ali Abdaal as full-time employees in 2021.

Then we discuss how we’ve continued to work with multi-million subscriber YouTubers over the last year while building our own creator businesses from scratch

Click to listen on YouTube or Spotify.

(Apple Podcasts coming soon.)

That’s all for this week Reader 🙂

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Speak soon,
George 👋

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